Components of an Effective Corporate Video

The corporate video of your company can be your most valuable medium when it comes to your brand image and a representation of the feelings your brand inspires in customers. That’s why they have to be crafted with special care.

Corporate Videos are the most important part of your marketing strategy and also the most likely to catch the attention of a customer.

There are a few essential points which have to be paid attention otherwise your Corporate Videos will only serve to confuse and put off your customers.

By taking care of the following points you can create a powerful tool which is compelling and complete in every way.


First is the content of your Corporate Video. Content is the thread which connects your audience to your company and has a few requirements in order to turn from an ok corporate film to an incredible corporate film.

  1. The content of a Corporate Video must be planned beforehand so that the beginning, the middle and the end have a clear outline with all the essential points covered.
  2. The introduction has to be clear, concise (not more than 30 seconds) and catchy enough for the viewer to continue watching. The introduction may include the history of the company or convey what is the company and what does it do.
  3. The Services and products of a company must be displayed to their full advantage in a way to compel the customer to gain interest in them. The benefits of the services and products and how it enhances the life of the target audience is a must, and an effective tool to drive sales.
  4. What makes your corporation different? Whether it is the technology you use or the innovations developed by your R&D Department has to be plainly evident in the corporate. Your USPsare the most important part of the content of a corporate video and any marketing tool.
  5. To help potential customers decide on your company provide them examples of clients just like them who had a positive user experience of your product or service. This makes your corporate video more relatable and shows your commitment to customer focus.
  6. You can highlight the skilled manpower and state of the art equipment used by your corporation as an additional factor which not only showcases the high quality of products but also involves the customers in the process of the product development which emotionally connect to your company and growth. Another addition in the corporate video can be your certifications from reputed organizations. This helps develop trust on your company.



The how-you-present is almost as important as what-you-present. In addition to creatively highlighting all the points which make your brand the right choice, they also have to be tastefully presented to your audience in the correct tone, color and aesthetic.

Expert Production Companies like Media Design have built a reputation for their innovativeness in color, composition and storytelling, all important in making effective corporate videos.

Majorly you have to pay attention to the following components of your Corporate Video:

  1. The Length of your corporate video must be short and sweet. Audiences nowadays have extremely low attention spans and very little time to devote, so you have to convince them in the shortest time possible. The ideal length of a corporate video is
  2. Your Script of the video must be simple and understandable. It also should have points which are attention catching in order to catch and hold an audiences’ attention.
  3. The Background music cannot be irrelevant as they are the biggest turn offs. Even with the best visuals and content, if your background music is all wrong, you can forget about the effectiveness of your corporate video.
  4. The Voiceover of your corporate video is also important. It must always be done by a professional voice over artist with perfect pronunciation of the key terms.
  5. The Video must be high definition and have the ability to be broadcast all over in every medium whether social media, Television, YouTube, Website and in large screens.

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