mediandesigns.in_corporate film production setup


Media Designs has evolved its infrastructural and personnel potential in synchronization with the dynamic needs and demands of the industry today. Our professional approach makes us think ahead of the current demands. This makes us constantly update our machine and material resources with the most advanced cameras, lighting equipments, studio setup and other accessories. Quality, safety and reliability are the three essential features which we always ensure in our shooting spots indoors and outdoors.

The high definition videos we produce are visually and acoustically appealing to any of your target audience group. This is because we have the practical experience of utilizing Men, Machines, Methods and Materials optimally to give your audience a satisfying experience through our videos.

Camera – From various video cameras, Mark III to Go Pro, we have latest camera setup with all widely used lenses.

Editing – Our most valuable post production asset is not only in terms of high-tech equipment, but also a highly experienced video editing team.

Setup –
Media Designs has a hi-tech set up from single-camera studio to multi-camera multi-crew shoot facility.

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